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My name is Mike Maney.

Making a photograph is similar to telling a story. When you do it right, you draw people into the frame. You make them feel something. With each image I create, my goal is to transport you to that split second in place and time I saw at the other end of my camera lens.

My career as a storyteller for businesses has allowed me to use the powerful combination of words and images to let others experience the world I see around me. My travels have taken me around the globe to bring back stories from places such as Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Estonia, Helsinki, Kauai, Mexico, Paris and Tuscany.

Like many things in life, my photographic style has changed over time. What hasn’t, though, is my ability to see things differently than other people. My eyes and brain are drawn to subjects, angles and light others miss. It must be something in my blood.

You see, my father was a photographer. He owned a small portrait and wedding studio in northern New Jersey. He taught me everything I know about composition, lighting and exposure. He even bought me my first camera: a Minolta X-570. In high school, I loaded it with rolls of black and white film and spent many hours in the darkroom developing what that first camera captured.

My images have been featured in Digital SLR Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine and National Geographic’s “Your Shot” Editor’s Spotlight. Several of my images have been exhibited in local galleries and hung on customers’ walls, as well as my parents’ refrigerator.

I live in Doylestown, Pa., with my wife and daughters. Rumor has it my genealogical roots include a direct line to the grandfather of the Jersey Devil.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Where You Can See My Photos


PayPal C360 (commissioned)

Bucks County Brewery (solo exhibit)

Hutchinson Tires 2017 Catalog

PEZ Cycling News


National Geographic “Your Shot” Editor’s Spotlight

Shutterbug Magazine

Digital SLR Magazine

Outer Banks Realty

Hickory Kitchen (artist in residence)

Freedom Art Gallery 

Doylestown Hospital Art Walk

Sand Castle Winery

The Zen Den

Mother Nature Network

My Parents' Refrigerator

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